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Peculiar Penguins (1) [Peculiar Penguins]

Peculiar Penguins (1)

  Down under near the South Pole there lives an odd little bird called the penguin.

  Though he's a bird, he can swim ー even under water ー but even though he's a bird, he cannot fly.

  He has a funny walk ー toes out, he waddles about in the icy world of the South Pole that is his home.

  One day one of these peculiar penguins named Peter decided to go calling on Polly Penguin.
  He slicked himself up infront of an iceberg mirror, and off he toddled.

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Peculiar Penguins (2) [Peculiar Penguins]

Peculiar Penguins (2)

  On the way, he passed a hole in the ice, and there in the water a school of delicious-looking puffer fish were jumping about.

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  " Just the thing for a gift to bring to Polly, " thought Peter.

  And he dived into the water and caught a nice plump one.

  Peter carried the puffer fish to Polly Penguin, who thanked him kindly and ate it in one big gulp.

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  Peter was pleased that she liked his gift so much.

  But then something terrible happened.


Peculiar Penguins (3) [Peculiar Penguins]

Peculiar Penguins (3)

  The puffer fish puffed up inside of Polly.

  It bblew up like a big balloon ; and the worst of it was that poor Polly blew up with it till she looked as though she were ready to burst.

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  " What to do, what to do ? " wondered Peter frantically as Polly squawked in distress.

  Finally Peter had an idea.
  Standing behind Polly, he gave her a sudden hard kick.

  Sure enough, the puffer fish was knocked right out of Polly and leaped from her mouth back into the water.

  Polly was her slim self again, but she was furious at Peter.


Peculiar Penguins (4) [Peculiar Penguins]

Peculiar Penguins (4)

  " I'll never speak to you again, Peter Penguin, " she said, and she slapped him and walked away in a huff.

  Then she climbed aboard a little ice floe and paddled out to sea.

  Peter stood looking after her sadly.
  He had certainly messed things up with the girl he loved.

  But as he watched Polly sail farther and farther from shore, he was horrified to see a huge shark following her.

  " Polly !
, Polly ! " he yelled as loudly as he could, " Look out behind you ! "

  But Polly was still angry and refused to pay any attention to Peter's shouts.

  There was just one thing for a brave penguin in love to do, and Peter did it.
  He grabbed a large stick, dived into the water, and swam lickety-split out to the shark. 


Peculiar Penguins (5) [Peculiar Penguins]

Peculiar Penguins (5)

  And he was just in the nick of time, for the ferocious creature had reared up and was about to ready to snap at Polly with his sharp jagged teeth.

  WHACK ! 

  Peter fetched the shark a terrible wallop with the stick right on his sensitive nose.

  Now the shark, furious at Peter, forgot about his dainty morsel and set out after her rescuer.

  Off through the water they sped, Peter carrying the stick in his mouth, the angry shark not far behind.

  Opening his jaws wide, the shark swallowed a school of little fish.

  While his jaws were open, Peter turned and jammed his stick into the shark's mouth so it couldn't close again.

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  Then he rescued the little fish, and all awam safely out and away, the fish leading Peter who waved tauntingly over his shoulder at his pursuer.

  Unfortunately, he didn't see that the fish were heading for their favorite hiding place, a hole in the cliff that rose out of the sea.
  Into the hole the fish disappeared, but Peter Penguin, who was too large, slammed into the cliff.

  And there was the shark right behind him, having managed to work the stick out of its mouth.


Peculiar Penguins (6 完) [Peculiar Penguins]

Peculiar Penguins (6)

  Peter clung to a small root on the side of the cliff and looked down into the shark's toothy mouth.

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  " Now I'm done for, " he thought, trembling shook the root, and the root in turn shook a huge boulder that was delicately balanced over head.

  Just as the shark lunged for Peter, the boulder toppled into its open mouth ー PLUNK !

  The heavy rock anchored the shark tot the bottom of the sea, where the little fish gathered to see that their enemy quite unable to harm them anymore.

  And Peter ?

  He and Polly Penguin got together, happy at last.

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  They cuddled up close tobeach other, so close that from a distance the two penguins looked like a giant heart silhouetted against the brilliant southern lights.

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