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The Fox and the Goat [The Fox and the Goat]

The Fox and the Goat

Fox went walking in the country. With him  went his friend, Billy Goat, who had fine long horns and a beautiful long beard, but who couldn't see further than the end of his nose, as they say.

In other word, he was rather stupid(Nobody could say that about fox !).

The day was hot and they became very thirsty.

Finding an old well, they jumped down to drink the cool water.

Only then did,  they began to think of how to get get out again !

" Well, " said  Fox,
" we can't stay down here all day ! I've got an idea. If you stand on your hind legs with your front legs and horns up against the wall, I can climb on your back, on to your horns, and from there I can jump out.
Then, of course, I could help you out. "

" By my beard, " said Billy, " you are a clever one, I must say. I would never have thought of that ! "

So Fox climbed on the goat's back, onto his horns, and out of the well.

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But instead of helping Goat out, Fox treated him to a short speech.

" If you had as much sense in your head as you have hair in your beard, you would never have been so stupid as to jump down the well in the first place.
I am out, so do your best to get yourself out. As for me, it's goodbye, for I've better thing to do than stay here talking to you ! "

Somebody else's good idea may be good for him only.

The Fox and the Goat ブログトップ