Peculiar Penguins (4) [Peculiar Penguins]

Peculiar Penguins (4)

  " I'll never speak to you again, Peter Penguin, " she said, and she slapped him and walked away in a huff.

  Then she climbed aboard a little ice floe and paddled out to sea.

  Peter stood looking after her sadly.
  He had certainly messed things up with the girl he loved.

  But as he watched Polly sail farther and farther from shore, he was horrified to see a huge shark following her.

  " Polly !
, Polly ! " he yelled as loudly as he could, " Look out behind you ! "

  But Polly was still angry and refused to pay any attention to Peter's shouts.

  There was just one thing for a brave penguin in love to do, and Peter did it.
  He grabbed a large stick, dived into the water, and swam lickety-split out to the shark. 


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