Molly Whuppie (8 完) [Molly Whuppie]


Molly Whuppie (8)

The giant's wife aw nothing, and began to ask to get down again.

But Molly never minded.
She hid herself behind the door.

Home came the giant with a big tree in his hand.
He took down the sack and began to batter it.

His wife cried out, " It's me, man. It's me, man ! "

But the dog barked so, and the cat mewed so, that the giant did not hear his wife's voice.

Molly came out from behind the door.

The giant saw her and ran after her.

He ran, and she ran., till they came to the ' Bridge of One Hair'.
She got over, but he couldn't; and he said, " Woe unto  ye, Molly Whuppie, if ye ever come here again. "

But Molly replied," Never more will I come to Spain !

So Molly took the ring to the King.
She was married to his youngest son, and she never saw the giant again.

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