Molly Whuppie (7) [Molly Whuppie]

Molly Whuppie (7)

" Well, Molly, " said the giant, " I'll do just that to ye. "

So he got a sack, and put Molly into it, and the cat and the dog beside her, with a needle and thread and shears.
He hang her up upon a wall.
Then he went to the wood to choose a stick.

Molly sang out, " Oh, if you saw what I see ! "

" Oh, " said the giant's wife, " what do you see, Molly ? "

But Molly never said a word, only, " Oh, if you saw what I see ! "

The giant's wife begged Molly to take her up into the sack so she could see what Molly saw.

So Molly took the shears and cut a hole in the sack.
She took the needle and thread out with her, and jumped down and helped the giant's wife up into the sack, and sewed up the hole.


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