Molly Whuppie (6) [Molly Whuppie]

Molly Whuppie (6)

After that the king said to Molly, " Molly, you are a clever girl. But you can do better yet. Steal the giant's ring that he wear on his finger, and I 'll give you my youngest son for yourself. "

Molly said she would try.
So back she went to the giant's house and hid under the bed.

The giant wasn't long in coming home.
After he had eaten a great supper, he went to his bed, and shortly was snoring loud.

Molly crept out and reached over histhe bed.
She tookhold of giant's hand.
She pulled and she pulled at the ring on his finger.

But just as she got it off the giant rose up, and gripped her by the hand.

" Now I have caught a ye, Molly Whuppie. Well, now if I had done as much ill to ye as ye have done to me,what would you do to me ? "

At once Molly said, " I would put you into a sack. I'd put the cat inside with you, and the dog beside you, and a needle and thread and shears.
And I'll hang you up upon the wall. Then I'd go to the wood and I would choose the biggest stick I could get. I could come home and take you down and bang you till you were dead. "

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