Molly Whuppie (5) [Molly Whuppie]

Molly Whuppie (5)

Well, the King said, " You've managed well, Molly. But you can do better yet. Go back and steal the purse that lies below the giant's pillow, and I'll marry your second sister to my second son. "

Molly said she would try.
So she set out for the giant's house and slipped in and hid again under his bed.

She waited till the giant had eaten his supper and was sound asleep snoring.

She crept out then.
She slipped her hand under the pillow, and got out the purse.

But, just as she was leaving the giant wakened, and ran after her.

She ran, and he ran, till they came to the ' Bridge of One Hair '.

She got over, but he couldn't ; and he cried, " Woe unto ye, Molly Whuppie, if ye ever come here again ! "

But Molly replied, " Once yet I'll come to Spain. "
So Molly took the purse to the king, and her second sister was wed to the king's second son.

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