Molly Whuppie (3) [Molly Whuppie]

Molly Whuppie (3)

In the middle of the night up rose the giant, and he felt for the necks with the straw.

It was dark.
He took his own daughters out of bed, and carried them out to a cage where he locked them up.
Then he lay down again. 

Molly thought it was time she and her sisters were off and away.
She woke them and told them to be quiet, and they slipped out of the house.
They all got out safe, and they ran and ran.

They never stopped until morning, when they saw a grand house before them.

It turned out to be a king's house, so Molly went in and told her story to the king.

The King said, " Well, Molly, you are a clever girl. You have managed well. But you can manage better yet. Go back and steal the giant's sword that hang on the back of his bed, ad I'll give your eldest sister my eldest son to marry.

Molly said she would try.
So she went back.
She managed to slip into the giant's house and hide under his bed.

(3/8 訂正)

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