Molly Whuppie (2) [Molly Whuppie]

Molly Whuppie (2)

Just as they began to eat, a great knock came to the door, and a dreadful voice said,
" Fee, fi, fo, fum
 I smell the blood of some earthly one.
 Who's there , wife ? "

" Eh, " said the wife, " it's three poor lassies, cold and hungry. They'll go away. You won't touch 'em , man. "

The giant said nothing.
He had a big supper, and ordered the girls to stay all night.
He had three lassies of his own, he said, who would sleep in the same bed as if the three strangers.

Now the youngest of the three girls was called Molly Whuppie, and she was very clever.

She noticed that before they went to bed the giant put straw ropes round her neck and her sisters', and round his own daughter' necks he put gold chains.

so molly took care not to fall asleep, but waited till she was sure everyone was sleeping sound.

Then molly slipped out of bed.
She took the straw ropes off her own and her sister' neck, and took the gold chains off the giant's lassies.

She then put the straw ropes on the giant's daughters and the gold ones on herself and her sisters, and lay down.

(2/8 訂正)    

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