Molly Whuppie (1) [Molly Whuppie]

Molly Whuppie (1)

Once upon a time a man and his wife had too many children.
They could not feed them all, so they took the three youngest and left them in a wood.

The three little girls walked and walked, but never a house could they see.
It began to be dark, and they were hungry.

At last the little girls saw a light and headed for it.
It shone from a house.
They rapped on the door, and a woman came, who said, " What do you want ? "

" Please let us in and give us something to eat. "

The woman answered, " I can't do that, as my man is a giant. He would kill you when he comes home. "

" Do let us stop for a little while, " they begged, " and we will go away before he comes. "

The woman took them in.
She set them down before the fire and gave the bread and milk. 

(1/8 訂正)

若干異なるのですが、Molly Whuppie の朗読動画です。最初にお出ししては、いけないかもしれないのですが。

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