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The Country Mouse (1) [The Country Mouse]

The Country Mouse (1)

  Once upon a time a country mouse was invited to visit his cousin in the big city.

  Now Abner had everything amouse could desire in the country ー a snug little cottage with a pantry full of peas and barley, scraps of cheese, and nuts ; and outside his house were beautiful woods and fields where he could roam freely.

  But, thought  Abner, maybe it would be nice to live in splendor for a while with Cousin Monte.

  So off he went to the big city for a taste of high life.

Country mouse City mouse の古いディズニ―映画版です。

The Country Mouse (2) [The Country Mouse]

The Country Mouse (2)

  At the entrance to his cousin's large and impressive house, Abner knocked loudly with his umbrella.

  Monte opened the door a crack.
  " Sh-sh-sh, " he whispered as he pulled Abner inside.
  " It's not safe to make so much noise around here. You're bit in the wide open spaces. "

  Abner followed his cousin into the house.
  He was hungry after his journey and was happy to see a large piece of cheese onveniently awaiting him right on the floor.

  How thoughtful of his cousin to set out  a tasty snack.

  But as Abner was about to reach fot the cheese, Monte garabbed his arm.

  " Don't touch it ! " he warned.
  " It's in a mousetrap. "

  And he poked the cheese with Abner's umbrella.

  BAM !
  The trap snapped shut on the umbrella, and Abner shivered to think how it would have felt on him.


The Country Mouse (3) [The Country Mouse]

The Countey Mouse (3)

  " Follow me for some real eats, " his cousin ordered.

  And he led the country mouse into a great banquet room.

  On the long table was a feast the like of which Abner had never imaginedd.
  Cheese, breads, cakes, and all manner of dainties, strange jars and bottles, brightly colored gelatins, snowy mounds of whipped cream topped with dazzling red cherries ー it was enough to make the country mouse's head reel.

  " Go ahead, help yourself, " whispered Monte, who was nibbling a bit of this and a bit of that, moving furtively and looking over his shoulder as though danger lurked behind every dealicious treat.

  Abner did not have to be asked twice.
  He gazed up at a mountian of Swiss cheese and broke off a generous chunk.

  He took a stalk of crisp selery and had just started to munch on it blissfully when Monte signaled him with his ffinger to his lips.
  " Not so much noise ! " he whispered.


The Countey Mouse (4) [The Country Mouse]

The Country Mouse (4)

  But Abner was racing from oneside of the table to the other in an ecstasy of fine dinning.

  He dipped his hand into a bowl of whipped cream and licked it greedily.

  Meanwhile, his city cousin was nibbling daintily, dabbing at his whiskers with a handkerchief after every delicate mouthful, and watching Abner with disapproval.

  Abner mopped his face with his red bandanna and then blew his nose loudly.

  " Sh-sh-sh-sh ! " whispered Monte.


The Country Mouse (5) [The Country Mouse]

The Country Mouse (5)

  On the other side of the table an open jar that said " Mustard " looked inviting.

  Abner had never seen mustard before, but he didn't want to admit such ignorance of fancy food to his cousin.

  So pretending that mustard was his favorite flavor of jam, he plunged his face into the jar and took a big mouthful.

  There was a moment of shook followed by a terrible burning that brought tears to his eyes.
  His mouth felt as if it were on fire !

  Poor Abner ran about looking for something to put out the fire in his mouth.

  When he saw a glass of a pale, bubbly liquid, he climbed up to its rim and swigged it gratefully.

  " Say ! " he thought, when his mouth had finally cooled off, " this stuff tastes pretty good ! "

  And before Monte could stop him, Abner had drained the whole glass of champagne, bubbles and all.


The Country Mouse (6) [The Country Mouse]

The Country Mouse (6)

  Now a strange thing happened.

  Abner suddenly had a terrible attack of hiccups.
  And they were noisy.

  Evry time the country cousin went " Hic ! " his cousin would jump in alarm and whisper, " Shush ! "
  Whatever could have happened ?

  Abner wandered off to the other side of the table hoping the little walk would clear his head.

  But to his dismay, he walked smack into another mouse in fancy green gelatin dessert.

13 - 11.jpg

  They glared each other, and then everything that Abner did the gelatin mouse imitated in most abboying fashion.

  Abner was about to fight him when Monte pulled him away and said it was time to get back to his mousehole.


The Country Mouse (7) [The Country Mouse]

The Country Mouse (7)

  Sorry to miss the chance of good fight, Abner followed Monte down to the floor where they hid beneath a chair.

  There, not ten paces away, lay a big balck cat, asleep, with its back to them.

  " Oh boy ! " thought Abner.
  " Now I'll get my fight. "
  And he started off toward the cat.

  But Monte pulled him back sharply.

  " Are you out of your mind ? " he whispered.
  " That's the cat ! "


The Country Mouse (8) [The Country Mouse]

The Country Mouse (8)

  Abner shook him off and strode bravely up to the cat's fully black backside.

  He gave it one  swift kick, but his horrified cousin did not wait to see what would happen.
  He streaked for the safety of his mousehole and banged the door shut after him.

  So there stood Abner quite alone, when the cat, enraged at being awakened, turned with teeth bared and snarled at the mouse.

  All desire for a fight left Abner when he saw that fierce open mouth.
  He nearly jumped out of his little britches in fright.

  Away he scampered with the cat in angry pursuit.

  The mousehole was shut tight, there was no place to hide, and Abner could feel tha cat's breath on the back of his neck.


The Country Mouse (9) [The Country Mouse]

The Country Mouse (9  1回延びます)

  And then, blessedly, he caught sight of an open window.

  Up he leaped to the still, and out he dove to the roof with the cat following.

  Luckily Abner fell down a driainpipe and made his escape to the street below, leaving the cat snarling on the roof.

  But the country mouse had simply oraded one danger for dozens.

  What did he know about dodgeing city traffic, a mouse who had only had to worry about slow-moving cows and chickens and an old farm dog ?

  The street was a nightmare of speedding cars and people's burrying feet.

(9  1回延びます)     

The Country Mouse (10 完) [The Country Mouse]

The Country Mouse (10 完)

  To make matters worse, the angry sound of horns blasted at the little mouse from all directions.

  " The splenders of city life, indeed ! " thought Abner as he dared every which way to avoid being run over.

  Finally he hitched a ride on a passing trolley and came safely at last to the city limits.

  " From now on it's the simple country life for me, " he vowed as he headed for his own little cottage and the green fields of home.

  " It's a better to eat a crust in peace than a banquet in fear and trembling. "

(10/10 完)

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