BONGO (disney) (1) [BONGO]

BONGO (disney) (1)

BONGO was a circus bear, a smart and lively circus bear.

He was the smartest little bear any circus ever had.
Yes, Bongo was the star of the show !

When the drums went tr-r-rum, and the bugles shouted, that was the signal for Bongo's act.

Then the spotlights all pointed their long fingers of light down at an opening in the tent, and in rode Bongo !

In rode Bongo on his shiny unicycle, all aglitter under the glare of the lights.
And his act began.

He jiggled and danced on the highest trapeze.


He walked a tightrope with the greatest of ease.

Then up, up, up to the top of the tent went Bongo.

And when he'd gone so high that he coudn't go higher, he rode his unicycle on the high tight wire !

" Hurray for Bongo ! " he heard voices call below.

" You know, he's the star who makes the show ! "

Bongo was king of the circus while his act was on !


BONGO (disney) (2) [BONGO]

BONGO (disney) (2)

But when it was over, and Bongo the star rode out of the ring to the roar of applause, then clang went an iron collar aroud his neck.

Rattle went a long chain as Bongo was led away to his boxcar.

Slam went the barred door as it locked behind him.
There sat Bongo, the star of the circus, just a bear in a gilded cage.

Poor Bongo !

Oh, he was well enough treated.  
He was fed only the finest selected bear food, from his own tin dishes.

He always had fresh water to drink.
He was washed and combed and curried and clipped, and kept in the finest condition.

But  after all was said and done, " I'm still just a slave, " thought Bongo sadly.

He was lonely, too.
And from somewhere deep in his past, the voice of the wild called to him.


BONGO (disney) (3) [BONGO]

BONGO (disney)  (3)

" Bongo, Bongo, yoo-hoo, Bongo ! " it sang.

He heard it in the scream of the train whistle, as the circus moved from town to town.

He heard it in the clatterof the speeding wheels.

Each time the circus stopped in a new town Bongo went through his act as though he were in a dream.

And when he was put back into his cage he lived in that dreamーa dream of the wide-open spaces.

In the dream the voice of the wild kept calling, "Bongo, Bongo , BONGO ! "

One day that call got into his blood so that he could not sit still.

He paced around his cage as it joleted with the motion of the train.

He shook the bars.
He hammered at the door.

And the boxcar swung open !

Bongo was face to face with the great out-of -doors.


BONGO (disney) (3) [BONGO]

BONGO (disney) (3)

The train was moving slowly around a curve.

Quickly Bongo swung out on his little cycle, dropped to the roadbed, and zipped away down a long hillside.

Behind him in the distance the train whistle faded, the hurrying cars disappeared from sight.

And Bongo at last was free !

On down the hillside he sped, and into the woods he had dreamed of for so long.

Bongo was wide-eyed at the wonder of this new world.

For the trees towered taller than circus tent poles.

The flowers were brighter than colored balloons.

The crisp air smelled better than popcorn and fresh-roasted peanuts.

It was wonderul !

" Yes, sir, this is the life for me ! " said Bongo.

He felt so good that he just to run and jump and sniff and snort.

He even tried to climb a tree, but, plunk ! down he came, flat on his back.




Poor Bongoーhe had never even seen a tree before, except through the window of the circus train.

"Well, " said the Bongo, " I guess that takes a little practice ! "

So he backed away again, and took another little run.
And plunk ! Down he fell.

Now the branches above him were filled with twitterings and chatterings.

The little woodland animals had all come out to meet Bongo.

" Hello, " said Bongo shyly.
" Let's be friends. "

So they taught him which were the most fragrant flowers to sniff.

They showed him how to peek at his refrection in a quiet pool.

" I 've never had so much fun, " Bongo told them happily.
" your forest is wonderful. "  

And as the sun dropped behind the trees, Bongo looked up at the velvet sky twinkling with stars, while all around him stretched the sleepy quiet of the woods.

" Yes, this is the life for me, " Bongo yawned contentedly, as he curled up for a good sleep.





He dozed off, but soon he woke up with a start.

The night, which had seemed so peaceful, was full of sounds.

Far off somewhere a coyote howled.

Jusy then a chilly gust of wind shivered through the forest.

Bongo shivered.
" Maybe this wood is notthe place for me after all, " he thought lonesomely.

Then storm clouds blotted out the stars.

Across the inky blackness, yellow lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled angrily.

Cold, soaking rain poured down on poor Bongo.

" I wish I'd never left the circus, " he thought, with a sad sigh and a shiver.

At last, though, the rain did stop.
The clouds parted, and a friendly moon shone through.

And Bongo slept.

He woke up next morning, stiff as a board and cranky as an old bearーand hungry !

He tried picking berries, but they were not very filling.

Then he tried fishing, but the fish got away.


BONGO (disney) (6) [BONGO]

BONGO (disney) (6)

At last he turned from the pool with a discouraged sigh.

But what was this ?

Right before his very eyes Bongo saw another little bear.

And the bear was smiling at him !

For a moment Bngo thought he must be dreaming.
He pinched himself, but the litte bear was still there.

So Bongo scampered over to get acquainted.

" Hello, " he said shyly.
" My name is Bongo. "

And he tipped his little circus cap.

" My name is Lulubelle, " said the other little bear.
" Let's play something. "

画像12-09-13 006.jpg

This was wonderful.
For the first time in his life Bongo had a playmate !

Off they went through the woods together.

Bongo was so busy thinking how happy he was that he didn7t pay much attention to the crashing of ubderbrush and the crunching of stones as Lumpjaw, the biggest, toughest bearin the forest, came stamping out.



BONGO  (7)

" H-hello, " said Bongo shyly.
Perhaps this was another playmate, he thought.

Lumpjaw did not bother to speak.

He just swung one great paw at the little bear, and bong !
Bongo crashed against a tree trunk, headfirst !

As he pulled himself to his feet and shook his dizzy head, Lumpjaw lunged forward to him again.

But Bongo's new friends stepped between them.

While Lumpjaw fumed, she stepped up to Bongoーand slapped him soundly on the sheek.

Bongo couldn't believe it.

But it was true enough.
So that there could be no mistake, the bear he thought his friend slapped him on the other cheek.

Bongo's heart was broken.
He turned and slowly rode away.
He did not deam that when he did this, it hurt the feeling of his friend.

For no one had ever told him the ways of bears. 
How could he know that when a bear likes another bear, he says it with a slap ?

Off into the woods went Bongo, heartsick.
And the farther he rode, the sadder he felt.

" I should never have left the circus, " said Bongo to himself.
" Nobody likes me here. "
And he sighed.

Soon, as Bongo rode along, he heard near by the pounding rhythm of heavy feet.

It sounded as though they were dancing.
And he heard deep voice rumbling in what sounded like a song.

Quietly Bongo crept to the edge of an open clearing.




The clearing was full of bears, a double line line of them.

They were shuffling about in a clumsy bear dance, and singing a tuneless bear song, and exchanging clumsy bear slap.

" Why, they're slapping each other, " Bongo whispered to himself in surprise.
" And they're not cross. They like each other ! "

Then the words of th song reached himーの

”Every pigeon likes to coo
 When he says, ' I like you, ' 
 But a bear likes to say it with a slap. "

" With a slap ! " cried Bongo.
" Then Lulubelleーshe likes me ! We're still friends ! "

So Bongo raced out into the clearing, where his playmate was dancing with Lumpjaw, and gave her a sound slap.

Bongo's friend was delighted, but not Lumpjaw.

He did not want any strange bear making friendwith his playmate.




He roared.
He snorted.
He fumed !

He chased Bongo through the forest, tearing up trees and hurling them at the little bear as he went.

Up the mountainside raced Bongo, with Lumpjaw close behind him.
Down the other side Bongo hustled, while the great rocks Lumpjaw was hurling rolled past on either side.

Lumpjaw cornered Bongo at last, on the edge of a cliff.

There they teetered and tottered and struggled and fought, until Cr-r-runch ! Sw-w-wish ! Spl-lash !

The rock beneath them crumbled away, and they tumbled down, down, into a roaring river.

Now the other bears gathered on the river bank far above to watch as Lumpjaw and Bongo rode the current on a twirling, plunging log.

Closer and closer they came to the great white-foaming falls.

The watching bears all held their breath !

Then over the falls tumbled the great log, with Lumpjaw still clinging to it !

Over the falls and down the river went the log and the bear, until at last they floated out of sight !

And Bngo ?
All the bears shook their heads and sighed when they thought of him. 

But wait !
What was this ?


BONGO (10 完) [BONGO]

BONGO (10 完)

Up the steep river bank a wet litte bear came climbing, with a dripping litte circus cap still upon his head.

18 - 1.jpg

Yes, it was Bongo, a tired Bongo, but a proud and happy little bear.

" I'm back, " he told Lulubelle, and he said it with a real bear slap.

" I'm glad, " said his friend, with a pat that knocked him down.

" This is the life, " cried Bongo happily, as he scrambled back to his feet again.
" This is more fun than the circus ever was. Yes, sir, this is the life for me ! "

He felt so good that he juggled a handful of pine cones, and he did a little dance with a twisty twig for a cane.

18 - 1.jpg

Then his new friends showed h
im where to find the fattest, sweetest grubs to eat, and a honey tree running over with delicious honey.

And they found him a cave that was dry and warm, and just right fir him.

" This is the life, " cried Bongo happily.
And he threw his little old circus cap away, high up into the branches of the nearest forest tree.

" Yes, sir, " said he, " I'm Bongo the woods bear now ! "

(10/10  完